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Flying Buffet


First-class catering

with a top-notch butler-style buffet!
Flying Buffet

The butler-style buffet is a particularly appealing and practical way of bringing the buffet directly to your guests. It doesn’t matter if they’re sitting or moving about the room; our servers will bring the delicacies right to your guests.

The butler-style buffet creates a casual atmosphere in small spaces or trade fairs.

Cologne flying buffet
cold & hot
Catalogna flying buffet
cold & hot
Culinarius flying buffet
cold & hot

All prices are subject to 19% VAT and are valid for 30 people or more. Our portion is calculated on the basis of 10 to 12 items per person. Some items may have to be freshly prepared or served live on location. In addition to the quoted prices, costs for the on-site chef, the mobile kitchen and service team may arise. Upon request, you can also book our rental service for dishes, cutlery and table linen, as well as serving staff. Errors and prices subject to change without notice.

Finger food vendor’s tray
Finger food vendor’s tray

The highlight of the reception or a small snack to tide you over. These delicious finger food creations (on skewers or in mini glasses) are as impressive on the eye as they are on the tongue.

Vendor’s tray
Boxed snacks from €2.99/item
Finger food Boxed Snacks

A finger food snack that’s guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Even the most dedicated gourmet will be impressed by these bites from a box. The labels can be customised.

Boxed snacks

Flying Buffet


Butler-style BBQ buffet

for €29.90/person

Our butler-style BBQ buffet is the perfect match for indoor events such as trade fairs.

There’s nothing we don’t have!

Personnel service, event equipment, rental furnishings and décor
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