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Green Meeting


The CATALOGNA Green Meeting

Our Green Meeting represents regional food and sustainability!
Green Meeting

We place high value on sustainable production for all our Green Meeting dishes and drinks. This is why we procure all our available dishes from fair-trade sources, organic farms or certified regional suppliers.

In order to do justice to the idea of Green Meeting in terms of the settings, we’ve also focused on the sustainability of the furniture. The Green Meeting buffet station is made of Euro palettes and panes of genuine glass; it is decorated exclusively with natural materials such as wooden boards, turf, meadow herbs, fruit and vegetables.

Green Meeting - The snacks
Green Meeting - The buffet

All prices are subject to 19% VAT and are valid for 30 people or more. At some Green Meeting buffet stations, dishes are prepared, sliced or tossed live on location. In addition to the quoted buffet prices, there will be extra charges for the on-location chef. Upon request, you can also book our rental service for dishes, cutlery and table linen, as well as serving staff. Errors and prices subject to change without notice.

Finger food and snacks

Organic food
The prices are subject to 19% VAT. Minimum order amount of 25 of each kind and 100 in total. Errors and prices subject to change without notice.

There’s nothing we don’t have!

Personnel service, event equipment, rental furnishings and décor
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+49 (0)2236 336 339-0