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The Lofthaus is a unique, premium location in a class of its own. The former crane factory near the Rhine has been transformed into a versatile event location with a captivating atmosphere of industry and nostalgia. It’s the perfect place for a big, custom-tailored event. The Lofthaus has the capacity to accommodate 1,200 people.

The old ‘crane hall’ – manufacturing building – is the flagship of the event space. The elongated hall has a closed roof, as 80-90% of the events use projections for presentations.

The hall is stylish and striking, with a clean, white appearance. Some of its highlights are the three enormous chandeliers and the pool of water set into the floor; they give the space a luxurious atmosphere. The space can also be arranged and decorated however you wish. The Lofthaus also features an outdoor area and a large inner courtyard.
The companion deck, which is located upstairs, can be rented in addition to the hall or on its own as a smaller event location. Today, there are wonderful events in a place where young people used to learn their trade. The former training workshop features a large glass facade overlooking the hall and an open-roofed bridge connecting it with the Lofthaus. You can customize any space separately. Neither you nor your guests will ever forget this special location.
The smallest space in the Lofthaus is the retro Jägerbar (Hunter’s Bar). Its regal, rustic atmosphere invites you to linger. The bar has been designed with great attention to detail, making it a little refuge for you and your guests. Discover and let yourself be enchanted by the tiniest details. The Jägerbar is usually used as a digestif lounge, but can also be rented separately upon request. The Jägerbar has its own entrance which can be used separately.