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Office catering


Fast, reliable and delicious

Office catering from Catalogna!
Office catering

Meetings, discussions, client visits and no time to eat anything: this is classic everyday life in many offices. However, taking breaks and eating healthily are crucial to being able to finish the day with great work results. With CATALOGNA office catering, we offer you a custom-tailored service that supplies your office with light, refreshing energy boosters such as fruit, snacks and lunches at any time of day.

We’re also able to set up a fast menu consultation on site at your office and carry out prompt delivery within hours. Exactly as it should be for everyday working life: fast, flexible and uncomplicated.

Crew catering
Crew Catering

The finest crew catering for film sets, concerts and events in and around Cologne. Delicious, comprehensive and right on time at a reasonable total price.

Trade fair catering
Trade fair catering

We’ll take care of the catering (including beverages) for the trade fair, provide food for your trade fair crew and organise the trade fair party. Professional, fast and reliable.

Trade fair catering

Finger food and snacks

For breakfast, meetings and receptions
The prices are subject to 19% VAT. Minimum order amount of 25 of each kind and 100 in total. Errors and prices subject to change without notice.

Hot meals and lunch buffets

Soups and stews

from €12.90
per litre

Hot lunch buffets

from €17.99
per person

Finger food and soup in combination

from €16.90
per person

The prices are subject to 19% VAT and are valid for 20 or more people or 10 or more litre. Smaller parties are possible upon request. The price includes chafing dishes, fuel pastes, mats and serving utensils. Errors and prices subject to change without notice.

There’s nothing we don’t have!

Personnel service, event equipment, rental furnishings and décor
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+49 (0)2236 336 339-0

+49 (0)2236 336 339-0