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BBQ Catering


Fire it up, ready, grill!

BBQ Catering

Grilling is always an enjoyable experience, whether at a toasty bonfire with a mug of mulled wine in the winter or with ice-cold drinks from the cooler in the summer. We offer barbecue events that provide your guests with both old favourites from the grill and surprising creations of our own.

Delicious sausages and tender steaks, fresh fish, juicy chicken drumsticks and exquisite shrimp skewers are enhanced with fine flavours and cooked over hot coals. In addition, we provide a wide selection of fresh vegetable side dishes, delicious salads and grill sauces and dips that we’ve created ourselves; all of these perfectly round out a culinary grill experience with that special something extra.

Summer barbecue
Gourmet barbecue

This item can only be ordered from April to October.
All prices are subject to 19% VAT and are valid for 30 people or more. The price includes chafing dishes, fuel pastes, mats and serving utensils. At some buffet stations, dishes are prepared, sliced or tossed live on location. In addition to the quoted buffet prices, costs for the on-site chef, the service team or the grill station may arise. Upon request, you can also book our rental service for dishes, cutlery and table linen, as well as serving staff. Errors and prices subject to change without notice.

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Personnel service, event equipment, rental furnishings and décor
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