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The joy of drinking

a wide variety served at the perfect temperature by the Catalogna beverage service!

Our beverage service is very versatile and refreshing. Upon request, we can deliver ice-cold non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, home-made sodas in stylish swing-top bottles, bubbly sparkling wine, and cocoa, tea and coffee specialties along with your catering order, either as its own buffet module or as a full cocktail bar - including an entertaining bartender.

The discerning selection of wines, sparkling wines and champagnes ranges from world-renowned vineyards to fresh up-and-coming stars that are the toast of the town, as well as an extensive assortment of traditional, regional German wine-growing regions.

Coffee station

Coffee machines for trade fairs, conventions and conferences

You can have freshly brewed coffee specialties ready in a flash with our professional coffee station. In addition to the Nespresso Gemini coffee machine, we deliver various coffee specialties in capsules and the necessary coffee dishware.

Nespresso 100 coffee station

Reasonably priced flat rate for beverages

We recommend our reasonably priced flat rates for beverages to accompany your catering order. They include water, soft drinks, beer on tap and wine. Just ask us about them.

Barista, bartenders and sommeliers

Some drinks are true specialties and require a connoisseur. Our experts are highly qualified; they have more than an inkling of their area of expertise. Just ask us about them.

Scrumptious cocktails and long drinks

You’ll find everything you need for great cocktails and long drinks in our fully stocked cocktail bar. Ask us about our molecular cocktails, too.

There’s nothing we don’t have!

Personnel service, event equipment, rental furnishings and décor
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+49 (0)2236 336 339-0