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Boxed snacks


Boxed snacks

Finger food in mini boxes!
Finger food in mini boxes

Your guests are guaranteed to remember this finger food for a long time. These fine, fresh finger food creations in miniature decorative boxes are served from platters; they’ve become our local stars amongst our finger food creations. Each box can hold around 100–140 grams.

Cold boxed snacks
Hot boxed snacks

The prices are subject to 19% VAT and are valid for orders of 100 items or more at 25 items per type for cold boxed snacks. For hot boxed snacks, the prices are valid for orders of 200 items or more at 50 items per type. The price includes cocktail napkins. All items are served in small cans with approx. 100 to 140g in each. We recommend 3 to 4 finger food items per person for receptions. We recommend 8 to 12 items per person for flying finger food buffets. The hot boxed snacks are prepared and served live on location. In addition to the quoted price, there will be extra costs for the on-site chef. Upon request, you can also book our rental service for dishes, cutlery and table linen, as well as serving staff. Errors and prices subject to change without notice.

Would you like personal branding on the box labels?
Finger food in mini boxes

No problem! We can add your name, the party’s theme or the company logo for a reasonable price.

Boxed snacks


Butler-style BBQ buffet

for €29.90/person

Our butler-style BBQ buffet is the perfect match for indoor events such as trade fairs.

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