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Beach Club


Beach Club 2GO

The hip beach party that comes to you!

Our company event ‘BEACHCLUB 2GO’ is a mobile summer beach party world that can be built anywhere you like. With delicious summer specialities, cold drinks, beach decorations and fine sand under your feet, you can bring that real beach feeling right to your door.

We serve your party guests ice-cold drinks and fine summer specialities such as beef brisket sandwiches, salmon grilled in a paper parcel, fresh vegetables from the coals, Turkish baked potatoes loaded with a selection of fillings and various modern salads from authentic, fully-equipped beach stalls. The HOT & COLD SWEETS beach stall is reserved for sweet temptations. Here, your party guests can enjoy Tahitian vanilla ice cream with raspberry smash, which is made on the spot, or BBQ banana boats filled with melting mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. All food is prepared and served in front of guests by our cooks.

If you’re looking for the right location for your company summer party, we’re happy to suggest various options. Just ask.

This item can only be ordered from May to September.

Multi-coloured beach shacks
Indoor & Outdoor

Our beach shacks are built of solid wood; thanks to their practical wheels, they can be positioned quickly and easily. Their fabric roofs can be custom-built for a small fee.

Non-food equipment package

Beach Club 2GO
Beach Club Non-food equipment package

Our ‘BEACHCLUB 2GO’ non-food equipment package includes everything you need to create a genuine beach party atmosphere. As well as summer decorations and fully-equipped wooden market stalls, we also supply classic beach furniture and premium-quality decorations that give conjure up a hip beach club feel.

The special highlight is the 16 m² sand box. Here, you can enjoy a game on the beach with colleagues, cold drink in hand, or you can simply relax in a hanging chair, whilst feeling the fine sand under your feet.

Non-food equipment package

Furnishings & equipment

Optional add-ons

Finger food lollies

from €2.99/item

Enjoy it to the last bite with our finger food lollies.

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